Grand View's Clear and Compelling Purpose


At Grand View Elementary School, our mission is to prepare and empower our students to become problem-solvers, responsible citizens, and to ignite their curiosity. We are committed to producing curious, successful, lifelong learners who thrive academically and contribute positively to their community.


At Grand View Elementary School, our vision is to foster a caring and collaborative community where students, staff, and families unite. We aspire to create an environment where everyone feels valued, welcomed, accepted, and included. Together, we are committed to becoming our best, where our collective efforts empower students to thrive and reach their full potential.


Be GRAND signifies our commitment to fostering a community with a GROWTH MINDSET, where everyone is RESPECTFUL, strives to ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS, exemplifies NOBLE qualities and traits, and DEMONSTRATES KINDNESS. We believe that by embodying these principles, we can create a positive and supportive school environment where students can flourish, achieve their full potential, and contribute to a better world.

Collective Commitments

In order to fulfill our fundamental purpose and become the school we describe in our vision statement, each member of our staff commits to the following:
  1. I will support and collaborate with all staff, fostering a team mindset in Professional Learning Communities within grade levels.
  2. I will prioritize inclusivity and value diverse perspectives within our team.
  3. I will maintain a positive tone and attitude when discussing staff, students, and families.
  4. I will view teaching as a collaborative effort, sharing ideas and resources to make learning enjoyable and engaging yet rigorous.
  5. I will find daily joy in my work and bring enthusiasm to each day.
  6. I will hold high expectations for every child, believing in their potential for growth.
  7. I will actively pursue professional growth by engaging in continuous professional development, commit to open-minded conversations, and embracing feedback.
  8. I will focus discussions on actionable changes rather than variables beyond our control.
  9. I will consider all students as 'our' students, supporting their social, emotional, and academic needs.
  10. I will provide academic, social, and emotional support to my colleagues.
  11. I will measure our achievements by the positive impact we make on our students.

Schoolwide Goals

  • 100% of grade level teams will create a results orientation in grade level Professional Learning Communities by creating monthly English Language Arts SMART Goals AND implementing a data collection tool.
  • By Winter 2023 data review, all staff will have received a refresher training on the reading priority standards.
  • By Spring 2024 data review, all staff will have received a refresher training on effective and meaningful SWIS documentation along with a PBIS Handbook.
  • By Spring 2024, 75% of students will be at or above benchmark on Oral Reading Fluency Words Correct.
  • By Spring 2024, 80% of students will be at or above average building wide on MAP math in the area of Numbers and Operations.
  • By Spring 2024 data review, a representative from each grade level team will meet to review building equity data and report back to their PLC with one key take-away.