Welcome Message

Welcome to Grand View Elementary School! Our school is located in the southern part of Grandville. We are one of seven elementary schools in Grandville Public Schools and serve students in grades K-6.
At Grand View, we believe in all students and focus on working together to achieve excellence in all endeavors. It is our goal as a school to create a focus on learning with families, cultivating collaboration with families, and building a positive school culture and climate. Our staff works hard to teach and learn with a growth mindset and we believe that success is what we do for others and that teamwork is the heart of great achievement. 
At Grand View, our students strive to be G.R.A.N.D., which is an acronym for Growth mindset, Respectful, Achieve goals, Noble and Demonstrate kindness. Students are celebrated and recognized for their achievements and for demonstrating GRAND characteristics. 
We welcome volunteers in our school to serve our students. I am just a phone call or email away if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for visiting our website!
Joseph C. Scotto
Grand View Elementary School